Reaction Ball

Reaction Ball
ArtNo: 641

The perfect tool to perfect your reaction time, the Reaction Ball is the ultimate example of how fast and quick you can be. Goalies swear by this product because it gives you everything you need to stop the puck coming at you. The Reaction Ball allows you to work on the quickness, speed, agility, change of direction, and hand-eye coordination you need to succeed on the ice. Fun, but challenging, the Reaction Ball can be used solo off a wall or catch with a teammate. Forwards, defensemen, goalies it doesn't matter, this product is a must for all to own!

Six-sided high-bounce rubber design causes the ball to leap and hop randomly.
Use solo on hard surfaces or walls or in a team setting.
Sharpens depth perception while making training fun and effective.
Great training tool for all athletes, especially goaltenders.